It is said that in the height of winter when he was born, green grass suddenly sprouted outside his house and that when he was one and a half years old he left a footprint on a bolder. It is said that in the height of winter when he was born, green grass suddenly sprouted outside his house. This and other miraculous happenings around his birth and afterwards have created an image of his superior qualities.

It is said that when Rinpoche was young, he could remember many details of his past life and was among other things able to name his past incarnation’s sister in person.

In 1950s Rinpoche was at Ding-gye Khang, a nunnery on an adjacent mountain of the great holy place of the dakinis, Terdrom, Tibet. Across the adjacent mountain, he gazed and supplicated upon the Guru Rinpoche’s cave above Terdrom, at which time the nuns alerted him for seeing his feet sink to the rock.

Rinpoche's left foot imprint in solid rock

The encounter is covered in greater detail in an interview with Rinpoche given for the documentary “Yogis of Tibet”.

After having opened a school for young monks in Atishe, the local water supply turned out to be a problem. Rinpoche through his meditative power, removed the disturbances and the monks saw the mountain spring at Atishe to increase profusely. Till this day it provides the water for the community and does not freeze even in the depth of winter.

It is said that whenever he performed phowa on a dead body, the signs of success such as the rupture of blood flowing out through the dead person’s nostrils, the spontaneous emission of liquids and dropping of hair at the crown of the dead body would be observed. These signs proved the ability of Rinpoche to propel the consciousness of even a dead person, through the dead body’s central channel and forced out through the crown of his/her head. Watch in the below documentary how Rinpoche performs Phowa.

It is said that during the Sino-India War, Rinpoche performed rituals at Chusul Monastery at the border to avert war and protect Ladakh, when asked by the resident monks if the invaders would enter Chusul, Rinpoche pressed his index finger into solid rock, replying that the invader will not be able to enter. He is renowned for his powers to exorcise evil spirits and to heal spiritual disturbances.