Young Rinpoche on the far right in the above photo

His Eminence the Togden Rinpoche is the spiritual leader of the Drikung Kagyu lineage in Ladakh. As the Drikung dharma lord of Ladakh, he took care of around 50 Drikungpa monasteries in Ladahk, and preserved the Drinkungpa tradition, as he was the only one with all the necessary transmissions and accomplishments who still had his material freedom.

In 1974 Rinpoche invited the great yogi Khunga Rinpoche to Ladakh and helped to establish new meditation centres in Chusul and Lamayuru.

In 1978 Rinpoche welcomed and took care of the current Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, three years after the young boy’s miraculous escape from Tibet. H.H. Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche resided in Lamayuru and Phyang for several years to meditate and study. During this time he received several empowerments and transmissions from Togden Rinpoche.

Rinpoche performing the meditational dance ritual in Lamayuru monastery

In 1979 H.H. Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche and Togden Rinpoche hosted a marvellous celebration for the 800th year anniversary of founding of the Drikung Thil monastery by Lord Jigten Sumgon, the founder of the Drikung lineage.

In 1985 Rinpoche hosted a historic meeting of three religious leaders of the Drikung lineage between H.H. Kyabgon Chetsang, H.H. Kyabgon Chungtsang and himself. Continuing the heritage of Drikungpa as a force for dharma propagation in Ladakh.

In 1981 Rinpoche built new temples such as Zang Dogparli and repaired many old monasteries, including the historical Atishe Monastery which houses an actual meditation chamber of Naropa